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Effects of evil eye and envier

The effects of the evil eye and the envier are pretty much the same, which causes them to damage the thing that is being desired or liked. All the people are included in the issue of the evil eye, even those who are virtuous if they ignore it, while greed is restricted to few people. Hence the jealous individual has convinced distinctiveness by which he may be eminent, For instance, his way of looking and smiling, his facial expressions, and the way he communicates. Everything points to the intentions that are stored in his heart. No matter what an individual covers up in his heart will inexorably illustrate on his appearance and through slips of the tongue, in his ways of looking and smiling, and in short, all his engagements and terminology.

Allah almighty, by His own wisdom, has made man’s facial appearance such that it reflects whatever he’s thinking and/or going through. The consequences of illness can be easily seen on the sick man’s face, and the distress of one who is depressed shows on his face, and quite oppositely the excellent health of one who is perfectly fine is replicated on his face. Following are some of characteristics of the envier:

1 – The envier will always be against the verdict of almighty God.
2 – The envier would always complain to Allah no matter what, even if he is filthy rich and happy he will always be ungrateful.
3 – He keeps an eye on the person he might be envying, points out his/her mistakes, and cleverly dodges his mistakes and later on brags about it.
4 – He masks or ignores or disparages the golden character and distinctive features of the individual he envies.
5 – It will come to your notice that the envier cannot communicate in front of the one whom he envies without addressing him in a laughing, humorous manner, while internally he is overflowing with revulsion and bitterness that is clear from the way in which he looks at him.
6 – It is perfectly clear that he disapproves of the one whom he envies, with or without facts.


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