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Before determining the difference between Sihir, Miracles and Charisma, we’ll first elaborate on what these three are.

What is Sihr (Black Magic):  An agreement or a contract set between Lucifer/Satan and Sahir is known as Sihir. This specifies that the sahir consigns some prohibited or forbidden acts, in response, satan fulfills whatever the sahir has requested him for.

What is Miracle: An occurrence that seems incomprehensible by the laws of nature and so is said to be paranormal in basis or an act happening on God’s will. For instance; a plane crashed and there are only 3 survivors. Such an activity will then be called a miracle even though according to statistics there is a small probability of someone surviving.

What is Charisma: Charisma can be called a term with two meanings: (1) convincing beauty or attraction that can move dedication in others, (2) an exquisitely bestowed authority or talent.

According to Al-Mazari, the dissimilarity sandwiched between Sihr, Miracle and Charisma is that sihr is attained through many efforts, by discussion and doing stuff. Charisma does not necessitate such an exertion, and a miracle outshines charisma in terms of challenge. [Quoted from Tafsir IbnKathir : 1/145]

According Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar, there is an agreement that sihr merely comes from an impertinent person, and that a charisma does not emerge on a bad-mannered person. Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar also confirmed that one should be attentive of the personality of the individual connected with the astonishing. If, for example, the person in problem sticks on to the belief of Shari’a and turns away from the solemn sins, then the extraordinary work he is performing are categorized as charisma; or else it is an act of sihr for the reason that it comes from one of its groups such as the aid of evil spirits. [Quoted from Rawa i ‘u Al-Bayan : 1/85]

At times, people are perplexed by the reality that even though a person may not be practitioner of magic, while he may be a stern criminal, a trendsetter or a tomb-worshipper; and hitherto astonishing things can still occur to him.


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