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Practitioners of the dark illusion take assistance of skilled black magicians that are an exceptionally devoted person who’s only aim in their life; is to physically or mentally harm and/or rob others from living calm lives: make them under the weather, confined to bed and in conclusion kill them. Every human that exists has two sides to its personality; the dark or the evil side and the good or the pure side, every human being has a different ratio of evil and divine present in them, alternatively there are a few humans who have converted into 99.9% evil and the remaining divinity within them is overtaken by darkness.

In the midst of the negative effects that preserve permanent was the owner will go through a very difficult seize when they want to pass away because the spirit is easier said than done to get out of the body which later on causes them to discover the beleaguered bereavement. Additionally, there also exist some cases where the owner has died continuing owned but at a standstill refused to abscond his master. State of affairs that led to the perpetual ‘ride’ on his body until the owner perennial that seemed alive and moving, even after the owner has undergone death.

In addition, the fact that frightens the most is that the ‘Unseen creature’ or ‘Jinn’ can also corrupt the self respect of the family owners hold by having sexual intercourse with his wife and/or daughter.

Punishment of Practicing black magic in Islam

Islam is the religion of peace, therefore practicing an evil illusion that may harm a human being is strictly against Islam. On the basis of which, it is actually a form of incredulity to physically and/or mentally agonize people with a magic spell or subject them to the evil of jinn.

Speaking of it generally, it ought to be confirmed that the dark illusion i.e black magic is one of the ingrained and deep rooted facts, and it is mentioned quite a few times in both the Qur’an and the Sunnah. As for the legal status of Islam, black magic is forbidden and this makes one’s prayer unaccepted for forty days. In some places with reference to Imam Malik, the sentence for keeping Sihr (Black Magic) in practice is death.


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