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Allah (God), created two types of creations in this world, the ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’.  Among the seen creations, like we already know, includes humans, animals and other creatures that we are already aware of. But if we come to the unseen part of the creations there exist both angels and jinns.  The word ‘Jinn’ is an Arabic word which does not have an English equivalent. Though it basically means the unseen creatures that Allah (God) created with the element, ‘Fire’.

Islamic Perspective about ‘Jinn’

Jinns have been mentioned in various places in The Holy Quran and also the Hadith-e-Mubarika. According to them, their lifecycle consists of taking birth, eating, sleeping and getting married. They are present amongst us men and they die. A huge evidence of their existence in the Holy Quran is Surrah-Al-Jinn. If truth be told, there are quite a few verses in the Holy Quran that explain their nature, behavior and the intention of their creation. They include two types, one who are believers other who are non believers. Jinns, or the angels created by fire are not only mentioned in the Holy Quran, but also mentioned many other religious scriptures like the Bible and the Veda.

Association of Jinns with Prophet Solomon

As told in tradition, jinns used to stand behind the educated humans in Solomon’s court, who in sequence, used to sit behind the prophets.
The Holy Quran at a point relates to this as, the death of Solomon as he was leaning on his staff. As he continued to remain erect, supported his staff, the jinn assumed that he was still alive and manages them, so they continued to work. The Holy Quran afterwards remarks that if they knew the unseen creations, they wouldn’t have stayed in the degrading distress of being incarcerated.

Jinn and Black Magic

As all the creatures, there is a negative side to the unseen creations or ‘Jinn’ i.e. black magic. In addition, they are at times used by Shaitan (also known as Satan/Iblees and also referred to with numbers like 666) to physically or mentally hurt people.

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