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Lioness Displays Dangerous Teeth In Rain - Kruger National Park

The reason of the prohibition of the evil illusion i.e. black magic is for the reason that it has a very negative brunt on our culture and society. Lack of education and awareness is the reason that the minds of innocent people are being demoralized. People who don’t possess any knowledge regarding black magic are the ones that later on become the victim of it themselves. Most of the amounts of people that contact the evil magicians or practitioners are females. Following are the most essential negative impacts on society:

detraction of the blameless minds: One of the major collisions that black magic and witchcraft caused is the detraction of the blameless minds. People suffering from difficult situations and problems that run out of ways to being solved, move towards Black Magic. According to them, it may resolve their problems easily. Particularly the females that are concerned about these things.

FAKE MAGICIAN: This includes fake practitioners that although claim to be one of the finest, are actually of no knowledge whatsoever and are involved in this line just for  the sake of money. Fake magicians are steadily increasing little by little who do not even possess the littlest of knowledge

Bad Effect OF BLACK MAGIC: Of course, when something isn’t being carried out properly by trained practitioners it results as failure and/or a backfire. As we are already aware of the fact that black magic is extremely injurious, treacherous and also very pitiable, hence it can brutally damage our life style, family, prosperity, wellbeing and the list goes on and on. At the time when peers do black magic it can, at times, have an extremely opposite effect. Therefore, it should be avoided.

Destroyed & Demolish LIVES: The purpose of the dark illusion is to physically or mentally harm. Black Magic has single handedly destroyed and demolished countless lives. People don’t care for people’s lives and start practicing this sin just for the sake of jealousy and many other reasons. There are no limits when it comes to this evil act.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, until the people are not aware of the fact that ‘fate’ is what comes naturally and it is in the hands of the Almighty God not us, this evil act will prosper. Magicians that practice this sin, charge everyone differently. From money to jewelry to property, and the list goes on and on. The root of all this ends at the lack of education/awareness and at some point, poverty.


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