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Basically Ruqyah is a huge subject covering many topics that include magic, possession and evil eye. Ruqyah is also known as Qur’anic Healing and it involves beautiful recitation of Surah’s and Ayat to cure black magic and diseases. Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) initially prohibited all forms of Ruqyah but later on He (Peace Be Upon Him) allowed people to use only the Ruqyah that He approved and that did not contain shirk. There are manyhadiths regarding seeking Ruqyah.

Permissible Ruqyah
Permissible Ruqyah needs certain conditions to be satisfied that were summarized by Ib Hajar as:

  • To be with Allah’s words or His names and attributes
  • To be in Arabic or of an intelligible meaning
  • And to believe that they do not have effect by themselves but by Allah

[Fath ul Bari 10:240]


Things to Avoid in a Ruqyah
Things that must be avoided to make Ruqyah work for you include shirk and seeking it from magicians or soothsayers. Ruqyah that involves shirk, amulets and tiwala are all act of shirks and therefore must be avoided. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) clearly prohibited all magical Ruqyah. Secondly, one should have strong believe that the recited versus have effect by Allah.

Ruqyah As It Is Reported in Sunnah
Like other supplications, Ruqyah is also permissible as it is a form of supplication but only if it fulfills the abovementioned conditions. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“There is nothing wrong with Ruqyah as long as they do not involve shirk.”


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