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There aren’t much extensively known symptoms of Black Magic. For decades, you may not even suspect anything wrong with you, regardless of the fact that you could hardly work, function or even think clearly. And even though demons are visible to you, travelling inside and outside people, there is nothing in your power to make it stop or abort it.

It isn’t necessary to know the types of evil illusion known as Black Magic or even believing in it for that matter. The indicators of black magic are quite vivid. It works, whether you believe it or not. As the time passes, the results of the evil sin known as black magic turn persistent, hazardous and/or lethal, if the treatment isn’t carried out by the required time, similar to a horrifying illness. It firstly begins by diffusing like an infectious disease that may affect the person’s thinking capability, physical health, love life, behavior, workspace, wealth, career and everything else that is present in life.
Some of the obvious symptoms associated with witchcraft are:

Sudden rush of weird feelings, for instance:
ü  You are being watched by someone or something.

ü  You are being followed by something.

ü  Sudden burst of feelings that someone might be standing behind you.

ü  Touch of an unreal force.

ü  Inexplicable sounds.

ü  Fright to see your reflection.

Constant nightmares or frightening dreams that may contain:
ü  Reptiles.

ü  Canine.

ü  Meet such as Beef.

ü  A person in some uniform.

ü  A mysterious masked person.

ü  Water in a pond or a lake.

ü  Graveyards or a grave

ü  Automobiles

ü  Fire

ü  Fish


Bad luck in life regarding:


ü  Employment.

ü  Wealth.

ü  Matrimony.

ü  Education.

ü  Support.

ü  Tough luck.

Suffering rare medical conditions, such as
ü  Pains at various places without any explanation.

ü  Odd diseases permanently affecting you which physicians and doctors fail to explain.

ü  Wounds that may be open.

ü  Appearance of scratches at various places.

ü  Failure to give birth/ Infertility/ Impotence.

ü  Unexplainable anger.

ü  Irritation to stuff you normally used to be fond of.

ü  Sadness without any specific reason.

ü  Depressive nature

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