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Technically speaking, Black Magic is being practiced in the world ever since the humans came into existence. The usage of this dark illusion is strictly for evil purposes only. Black magic, at times, is used for vengeance or to betray someone. At some places the reasons can be jealousy and/or envying a person. In some particular cases, the ‘dark illusion’ or Black Magic is also used to win women/men for individual interest. It can also be used to break up a happily married couple, for sexual temptations or even for money.

On the other hand, black magic is also used to scrape or seduce men or women. Beside, black magic is also used to get the lottery number; someone will be using black magic by using worship. In this way, they believe that they will obtain the correct lottery number. In the modern era, celebrities also using black magic to achieve all of their dreams. They use black magic mainly for personal interest in the aspects of fame and beauty. Black magic is also used to bring down an enemy in field of business. They use black magic to the reason for dropping the next competitor in the business and attract customers.

Alternatively, it is a student’s cheating aid to pass an exam. Such group of people believe that through black magic, they will be able to accomplish test results or test a good. In addition, the usage of black magic is projected to suppress a happily married couple as mentioned above. With the help of the dark illusion, they will defeat their spouse in the family circle. Suppose, if the wife is working her black magic to subdue her husband, then their husbands will listen and follow all instructions wife. Theirs husband’s life will be controlled completely by them. The Husband will for eternity be limited to his wife until she can’t go to work.

There can countless reasons for black magic, but the last reason for what black magic is being used consistently, is medicine. The dark illusion in this case is being considered as awareness that, at an important time can be used in the cure of a serious disease. There are various spells that can be used to cure a disease. Concluding the matter, the use of the dark illusion is more of a dangerous form of magic that works against the benefits.

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