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This is the category of wizardry that may affect a person’s attitude/behavior and be in charge of them in such a way which only Allah (God) knows and forces it to breakdown. As a result to which, signs appear on the victim.

1. Stern inattentiveness and lack of memory.
2. Perplexed verbal communication
3. Fit to bust eyes and divergence of sight.
4. Impatience
5. Helplessness to do a chore on a regular basis.
6. Lack of concern in one’s emergence
7. ln brutal cases, a person can tell from a lunatic’s face that he is unaware where he is departing, and he would almost certainly snooze in dilapidated places.


Someone visits a sahir and wishes that a certain human being be bewitched. The practitioner of the black magic would ask for the first name of the person that may be the victim, his mother’s name, and additionally traces of the victim’s smell, stuff that have touched with the skin/sweat of the victim – like the victim’s hair, item of clothing, hankie, nail pieces etc. In case attaining such material is too difficult, the witch would perform Sihr/bewitch on some amount of water, then ask the client to spill it along the way which that person normally passes by.
On the other hand, if the witch is made available with clothes/nails, she will make use of them in figuring out a CHARM, to unite jinn for that unambiguous purpose. She/he will afterwards tie reef knot circling that charm and notify the patron to hide it in an uninhabited place, a place where not a soul can discover it, or even dig it out. At the very moment, it’s taken out and opened; the jinn will be at liberty of that purpose.

Just as the jinn gets the trace of his victim, he tries to set in his victim’s mind. He obtains charge of the mind and forces it to break down. In addition, In some cases the jinn erases the victim’s memory.

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