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This category of wizardry may have an effect on victim’s mind and resulting in making him withdrawn and lonesome.

1. Love of isolation.
2. Complete bashfulness.
3. Unvarying stillness.
4. Allergic to social activities.
5. Inattentiveness.
6. Recurrent pain in the forehead area.
7. Silence and steady lassitude.


Someone goes to the practitioner of the dark illusion and tells him about the person whom he wants to bewitch. The Witch would ask for the name of the victim, the victim’s mother’s name, and also traces of the victim’s smell, stuff that might’ve touched his/her skin and/or sweat – like the hair sample of the victim, piece of clothing, tissue, nails that have been cut off etc. If obtaining the above is too difficult, the practitioner would execute Sihr/bewitch on small amount of water, afterwards ask the patron to spill it along the way which that person normally passes by. If somehow the victim passes the by the place where the charmed water has been placed for him to step on, the charm will start it’s affect on the victim. The patron can even bring into play that cursed water and/or food to be further added to the victim’s food and/or drink.

Nevertheless, if the practitioner of the dark illusion is made available with nail bits and/or clothing, he will then utilize them in outlining a CHARM, to combine a jinn for that precise purpose. Afterwards he will tie knots surrounding that charm and inform the patron to conceal it in an abandoned situation, a place where nobody can come across it, or even dig it out. And whenever it’s taken out or freed, it also frees the jinn of his purpose and he is free to do whatever he wants according to his will.

At the time the Jinn is certain of the victim’s traces, he is coached by the sahir to reconcile in the victim’s mind and make him want to stay lonesome.

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