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This category of wizardry may affect relations except the relation between a wife and husband. It may cause separation of a human being from his/her: Mother – Father – Siblings – Friends,


1. A huge occurrence of sudden change in attitude and/or behavior.
2. A huge amount of suspicion takes place between both the individuals binding the relationship.
3. Excuses don’t work on either of the individuals.
4. Exaggeration of a dispute to great level which is unneeded.
5. Screwing up the perspective of any of the individuals, or altering the mental image that an individual that is part of this relationship may have of his partner; so that the individual would see his/her partner in a negative way, even though she is not the actual problem. In actual fact, it is the JINN who is handed over with the mission of performing this type of witchcraft is the one who would appear to the husband in her person, but in an ugly way.
6. The victim affected by sihr loathes whatever thing the partner does.
7. The victim of the sihr extremely dislikes the place in which his/her partner stays.
As described in Al-Hafidh Ibn Kathir, the reason of partition between two individuals through this sihr is that every one of them comes into sight as the other as a hideous or impolite person. Tafsir lbn Kathir: 1/144.


An individual goes to a magician of the black arts and desires that a particular human being be estranged from his/her spouse and/or parents and/or siblings etc. The practitioner of black magic would request his patron to make available the name of the victim and that of the person who he wants separated, and traces of the person’s odor from his/her hair, item of clothing or tissue etc… If by any chance this is easier said than done to obtain, the sorcerer would perform sihr on a glass filled with water, then request his patron to spill it along the way which that person normally uses.

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