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This category of the dark illusion may have an effect on the victim’s offspring to destroy her wedding.

1. Headaches that may occur occasionally, stick with the in spite of constant medication.
2. Stern stiffness in the upper body, in particular amid al-‘asr and midnight.
3. The victim visualizes the suitor in an unattractive picture.
4. Inattentiveness.
5. Nervousness throughout slumber.
6. Sporadic stomach-aches.
7. Ache in the lower abdomen area.


A reluctant human being would move or shift to an iniquitous practitioner of the dark arts and desires that a curse be carried out for a positive person’s offspring to spoil her wedding. The practitioner would ask for his/her name, followed by the name of her mother and a few items related to her for the traces. At the time these are made available, the dark illusionist would carry out the work needed to enter the person, which is habitually during one of four occasions, 1: Tremendous dread, 2: Tremendous irritation, 3: Tremendous lack of knowledge, 4: Extravagance in happiness
The Demon then has two alternatives, If he can come into the young woman, then he would cause her to feel uncomfortable with any prospective husband and thus, turn him down. If the demon can’t enter the female, subsequently he would make use of the sihir of imagination, from the outer surface. Which results in, a suitor would view the female in an unattractive figure under effect of the Jinn murmuring, and so would the female.

Due to the result of this sihir and the jinn speaking softly, a suitor, who would have at the start approved to the matrimony, would turn down after a small amount of days, without providing any legitimate reason.

When the case is regarding a strong sihir, a suitor would, at the point of entering the house owned by his potential spouse, feel very prickly and perceive obscurity ahead of him as if he were in reformatory, and therefore would not return whatsoever.

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