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It is further classed into 2 types:
1 – Doing simple magic tricks with the help of JINN.
2 – Screwing with the eyes of the audience to make them see things that are parallel to reality.
At the moment, we observe magicians like Criss Angel and many others, who at particular times perform magic tricks that leave no explanation through any natural cause making them, appear like some sort of a miracle. Nevertheless, some simple tricks are also performed by them which are quite easy to figure out. The reason for the simple tricks is the fact that they don’t wish for the viewers to investigate deep into the inscrutabilities of their oddest tricks.


1. The appearance of an object that is still in reality would seem moving or mobile to the victim, whilst an object in movement would emerge to be fixed for the viewer.
2. The appearance of an object that is actually small would be its opposite i.e large, whereas a huge object would appear tiny for the viewer.
3. The phony look of things: Under the influence of the magic of Pharaoh’s sorcerers, the appearance of things like rods and sometimes ropes seemed to the viewer as snakes.


An illusionist would demonstrate the audience a well-known objective; then with an invocation and with a little help of some jinns, the thing would appear in an outward appearance other than its actual state. A certain person informed me that someday a conjurer narrated an invocation and made an egg revolve at a high speed. Another told me that a magician recited an incantation which ended up in a fight between two stones. This is paranormal. All of the above are tricks that a sahir performs to get wealth from the audience by displaying his dexterity. For instance consider the sihr of separation; the victim would see his spouse in a hideous image.

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