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Lioness Displays Dangerous Teeth In Rain - Kruger National Park

Magic or ‘Sihir’ as they call it in Arabic, no matter black or white, stands for: A contract arranged among a Demon and a Witch, or as they call them in Arabic, Sahir and Jinn which specifies that the Sahir consigns firm illegal or polytheistic acts, in reply for the Jinn’s support and compliance in satisfying the Sahir’s demand.

It is the belief of quite a few people that White Magic is permitted in Islam when in reality it isn’t. Ruqya or what it means in Arabic ‘The sunnah treatment for Black Magic’ was at first tolerable in Islam on the clause that no kind of polytheism will be involved in the process. Where, Magic absorbs admiring the Chief Jinns, who are the chief of the jinns in a tribe, in return for the chief’s servant-jinn. Both kinds of magic, black or white, work likewise. It is not anything more than the putting forward a devil to scare away another devil. In reality, most of the times the negotiations with the devils occur they agree on parting the human alone for some time, momentarily.

Natural Magic or White Magic, is the subdivision of magic known in English as pure magic, is indicated in Arabic by 2 terms: one, being simiya’, it is originated in greek  also pronounced as (semeia) in some places, and the other being, nirinjat, which is persian word originated from the word (neyrang). Both of these terms are applied in general to illusion, prestidigitation, fakery, and legerdemain.

According to what is said in Hajji Khalifah (op. cit., pp. 646-647), natural or pure magic engages made-up phenomenon, happening in space and having no association to anything blatant. The production of theirs remains a secret that is only disclosed to the practitioners. At times, it comprises of assortments invented by the conjurer out of natural essences (Jari Bootian in Urdu), Balms, watery materials, or even special words with special powers.


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