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Animal rights in Islam

Islam not only taught us about to respect human being it also teaches us to respect all living things all the things ALLAH made in earth. In Quran ALLAH said that animal also does ibadat in their own way and they have their own communal life. Animals were here on Earth long before humans. If we have a tendency to use animals for our work, we have a tendency to should feed them and not over work them. If we have a tendency to eat animals we have a tendency to area unit alleged to slaughter the animals in line with Islamic rules that stop all cruelty to animals and if we've got them as pets we have a tendency to area unit to feed them and look after them.

Way to Slaughter an animal in Islam

It is prohibited in Islam to treat an animal cruelly, or to kill it except as required for food. Our prophet said that act with kindness to all or any animals. In way of Islamic slaughter first Islam said us to slaughter an animal in a sharp knife. In Islam the way of slaughtering animal is different for all animal like if we slaughter a goat and sheep we can tight both hands n leg together and put the knife on its neck and their blood should completely drained then we remove his head and in the same way we slaughter a cow but a camel slaughtering is totally different.

Islam teaches us kindness to animals

It is a main duty to show kindness to all human beings all animals. In Quran many time mentioned this to treat with kindness to all the animals’ n plant. All kind of animal fight is strictly prohibited in Islam. A Muslim who chooses to keep a pet takes on the responsibility of the animal's care and well-being. they must be supplied with acceptable food, water, and shelter and prophet also said that the person who doesn't look out of their pets are going to be punished.

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