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Pilgrimage Hajj

In the twelfth month of Islamic lunar calendar that is Dhul-hajj begins the biggest festival of all the Muslims round the globe known as Hajj. Hajj is performed during six days. It is obligatory on each and every Muslim at least once in a lifetime for those who are healthy and can bear the expenses. It is a complete kind of worship in which mind, body and soul everything is involved.

The activities those are included in hajj

These activities include some optional and obligatory activities.
First is ihram, men pilgrims wore two pieces of unstitched white cloth and enters into the state of self-control in this state one is not allowed to disturb any creature nor he can raise his voice in anger. There is no specific clothing for women in state of ihram.
Circling around Ka’aba it is building of stone first build by the prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail. It is the symbol unity for all the Muslims round the globe as all the prayers performed anywhere on earth are oriented towards ka’aba.
The Sa’i, or "hastening" between safah and marwah the two hills near the Ka’aba.
All the pilgrims gather on 9th Dhul-hajj at the plain near Mecca called Arafah to supplicate ALLAH.
The stoning of three pillars those pillars represents satan’s temptation of Ibrahim. This act is also the indication that the pilgrims reject evil deeds.

Pilgrims cut their hair that is the symbol that hajj is completed.
Pilgrims sacrifice an animal to remember the willingness of prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son on the command of ALLAH.
After completing all the above activities all the Muslims gather to offer the prayers Eid ul-Adha one of the biggest festivals of Muslims

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