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Jihad is a 6th pillar of Islam. The meaning of jihad is to struggle. Jihad seems many times within the sacred writing and regularly within the phrasal idiom "striving within the approach of God The one who engaged in jihad is termed a Mujahidin.

Types of jihad

There are many types of jihad. Islam teaches us thirteen types of jihad .some important types are explaining.
1. Jihad against Ignorance: This jihad means that to show folks the reality and therefore the sensible.
2. Jihad against one's Soul: The believer’s area unit warned against the trick of the soul.
3 Jihad with Weapons: This jihad isn't continuous. It’s not fard for everyone. If the state has enough power, jihad is fard al-kifayah that's, once a bunch of individuals makes jihad, the opposite folks aren't control accountable.
4. Jihad against Satan: there are two types of jihad against Satan which are as follow.
1. Avoiding the doubts that Lucifer stirs up to undermine religion.
2. Strain against Lucifer to obstruct the corrupt needs that he provokes.

Situation during which jihad is fard

Jihad is obligatory and becomes fard `any if someone is gift wherever fighting goes on. This is often the primary of the things during which jihad becomes a personal obligation .When you meet those that reject, during a field of honor, ne'er flip your backs to them.
The second scenario (in that jihad becomes a personal obligation) is once a town is enclosed by the enemy. Then he has got to fight to defend the town as a result of there's no different however to defend it.
The third scenario is once the leader tells the individuals to mobilize. The Muslim ruler is that the highest authority within the state, however he needn't essentially be the leader of all the Muslims, as a result of there has been no leader of all the Muslims (caliph or khalifah) for a protracted time.

Importance’s of jihad in Islam

In the Holy Qur'an several verses clearly show the importance of Jihad (struggling for the sake of Allah) within the lifetime of a Muslim and urge the believers. Allah mentions jihad in conjunction with imam or belief, paradise and His pleasure.

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