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When this type of dark illusion affects a human he feels lively and vigorous about sexual intercourse. He will have erections until he is away from his spouse. On the other hand, as he comes within reach of her, shrinking of the penis starts to occur and is not capable of having sexual intercourse. What it means is that a man will be suffering from sexual weakness, and will not in any way be able to perform sexual intercourse with her spouse.

Sexual intercourse of a normal man with his spouse occurs in a long time interval. Sexual intercourse takes place for a small amount of time; and after that the penis ends up losing its erection.

Exactly like a male may suffer from ar-rabt (penile rigidity malfunction) and is not capable to have sexual intercourse with his companion, a female, too, can experience ar-rabt (frostiness).
Following are the kinds of rabt found in females:

1. RABT AL-MAN'(OBSTRUCTION): This happens when a women starts preventing sexual intercourse with her husband.

2. RABT AT-TABALLUD (LACK OF SEXUAL FEELING): The Jinn handed over with the task of Sihr reconciles in the middle of sexual feeling in the female’s mind and which is the reason behind her losing the sexual feeling, at this moment in time of sexual intercourse with her companion. Which results is, her feeling no sexual pleasure and doesn’t act in response to her companion. The body of hers becomes anesthetized even if her partner does what she desires with her. In this type of dark illusion, the solution which lubricates the vagina is not released by the glands, and consequently, the sexual act can’t be accomplished.

3. RABT AN-NAZIF (BLEEDING AT THE TIME OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE): This is a completely different type of black magic. While, rabt An-nazif is limited to the occasion of sexual intercourse, Sihr an-nazif can even last for many days. In the following type of black magic, the demon cause serious bleeding to the beleaguered female during sexual intercourse with her companion, and thus put a stop to the male from having sexual intercourse with his spouse.

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