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Magic for illness

A Jinn is to a person what poison is to a human body. They are able to transform into neurotoxins and block several different signals of the human body. This can be the root to many illness and diseases. Following are the symptoms for you understand the generic the change SYMPTOMS OF SIHR (MAGIC) OF ILLNESS

1. Victim may experience pain in one part of the body.
2. A group of long-term neurological disorders.
3. Paralysis limited to a particular area of the body.
4. Complete paralysis.
5. Sensual organ disability.

What I would want to put my emphasis on is that a number of these indications may be parallel to those of an ordinary corporeal illness. Sequentially to differentiate between the indications, the one who heals should recite the ruqyah over the victim. If by any chance the victim feels dizziness, becomes numb for a few minutes, his head aches, then the healer should presuppose that these signs be relevant to the use of sihr. HOW DOES THE SIHR (MAGIC) OF ILLNESS TAKE PLACE?

It is quite general that the human mind is the reactor for the body. What this means is that, every human organ has a controlling factor in the brain, from which it takes delivery of various codes. For instance, If by any chance someone tries to put his/her hand over fire, the sense in the hand flings a quick code to the sense centre present in the brain, and then takes delivery of orders from it, counseling it to stay away from the basis of hazard. In reply, the the person moves his/her hand away from the burning fire. This communication happens within a small part of a second: (This is Allah’s Creation; now show me what those have created that is part from Him!) (31:11)Through this spell of the dark illusion, a demon straightens out in a person’s mind, as the sahir directs. As a response to which, the retort of an appendage may be one out of two circumstances:

  • The Demon may -with Allah almighty’s capability- totally put off signals from attaining a limb or organ. As a response to which, a limb stops implementation.
  • The Demon may -with Allah almighty’s capability- from time to time avoid signals from getting to a limb or an organ, and may now and then let them reach it. As a response to which, the limb or organ occasionally works and occasionally doesn’t.

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