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Magic of Bleeding following Menses

What An-Nazeef means is Uninterrupted Menstruation, or heavy blood loss. This type of the dark illusion, affects females only as males don’t undergo menstruation.

1: A body part hurting in continuation.
2: Epilepsy
3: Nightmares
4: superfluous throbbing within Menses period
5: Ruined sleep patterns

The practitioner of the dark illusion sends a demon to the female that is the target at the moment and inculcates him to cause the targeted female to bleed heavily. For that purpose, the Jinn enter the female body and flow in her veins and arteries with the blood. This conception of movement has been warned about in the past by the Holy Prophet (saw) in the subsequent tradition, and I quote; Satan/Lucifer/Satan flows in the body of the human like blood.

At the time when the demon gets in touch with a recognized vein in the female womb, he treads heavily so that the vein starts bleeding. Again, This actuality was also pointed out way back by the Holy Prophet (saw) at the time when Hamna bint Jahsh requested his judgment on the matter of blood loss outside the period of menses, and he said: Bleeding like that is but one of Satan stomping.

As described in another tradition, the hemorrhage is the consequence of Satan treading heavily on a particular vein rather than from an ordinary menstruation process. As a result, according to both traditions, such menstruation that happens outside its standard period is one of the Satan stomps on one of the womb veins.

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