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Islamic Exorcism Title


I am practicing Islamic healing from approx 7 years. Gathered good knowledge about demonic possession, black magic and evil eye etc. Doing exorcism to visit locally, internationally and giving consultancy to infected people via skype and phone. If anyone likes my efforts, you can put your contribution as you can.

Secondly I am going to wright a book at Islamic Exorcism as well. May Allah give you best reward for your contribution.

You can donate by following services:

Xpress money, Western Union, Money Gram, UBL


Name: Shiekh Abus Sattar Abid

Contact Him. 

Please transfer your funds and email MTCN Code to this email:donation@islamicexorcism.com


Book online ruqyah via skype

You can book your online ruqyah session via skype. it's a paid service for everyone to diagnose the problem or for it's treatment.