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Bible in Islam

Bible is a book of ALLAH which was sent to Hazrat Isa and its Islamic name is Injil. It is a fourth Islamic book the word Injil used in Quran 12 times so in this is a surety that Injil is a book of Allah. Christians believe in bible they didn’t believe in Holy Quran they only believe in bible. The Bible closes with an impressive book of visions and dramatic views of the long run. The bible not written in one dates the primary five books are attributed to Moses. Moses lived between 1500 and 1300 BC, though he recounts events within the 1st eleven chapters of the Bible that occurred long before his time.

Bible in the light of Islam

Islam tell us the way to live a life in which was written in the Holy Quran. In bible there is not written anything like which is written in holy Quran.  Bible is not in their original condition people made changes in the bible so that’s why some Muslim did not believe in bible. Before the holy Quran Allah sent to the people a three books Tawrat (Torah) given to Musa , the Zabur given to Daud and the Injil given to Isa in all three book people made changes to it but only Quran is the book which is are in a same condition.Christian believe in bible they didn’t believe in Quran they said their god is Jesus.

Islamic history of bible

In the bible it was written that Allah created a covenant with Abraham that wife would bear him a baby before the incident with Hagar occurred. Abraham's lack of religion is what caused this kid to turn out of matrimony. The construct of covenant between God and His people is one in every of the foremost necessary system of rules truths of the Bible. By creating a covenant with Ibrahim, God secure to bless his descendants through the seed of Isa and to form them God's special people.

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