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Significance of prophets in Islam

The purpose for which man has been created by ALLAH in accordance with Islam is to worship ALLAH and to lead a pious life that is based on the teachings of Islam. How a man would came to know the purpose of his creation without getting a clear and practical instruction about what ALLAH wants him to do. That is why we need prophets. The prophets convey the message of Allah to us. Allah has sent at least one prophet for every nation.

Qualities of those who are honored as prophet of ALLAH

The people who are selected as the prophet should

  • Be the best person of the community intellectually as well as morally due to which people will easily follow him and will have faith on his words. His life should be a role model for the followers.
  • The prophets are supported by the miracles those are given them by the will and power of the all mighty ALLAHA. Those miracles are a proof that the prophet is not a fraud.
  • Every prophet makes it clear that what he says is the message of ALLAH received by him for the welfare of mankind from ALLAH. They have to do this to show that they are the messenger of ALLAH who is conveying the message of ALLAH.

Thus prophets are needed to convey and as well as explain the message of ALLAH. We get answers of many questions by the help of prophet such as why we were created, are we accountable for our actions, the life after death, the concept of hell and heaven, the angels and how we can lead a pious life and these kinds of other questions. These questions can only be answered by direct revelation from ALLAH for which we require a prophet. Not only the prophet answer these question they also explain us practically how to lead a pious life as there whole life is a practical example of what ALLAH wants from a man to do.

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